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What We Do

USA TouchPoints™ is the only syndicated consumer insights and cross-platform research product designed to inform integrated communications strategy, planning and execution.

USA TouchPoints is a uniquely rich source of insights into how real consumers lead their lives throughout the day and week.  We capture data from a nationally representative sample that reveals:what_we_do_2

  • Where they are
  • What they’re doing
  • Who they’re with
  • Which media they’re using or are exposed to
  • How they’re feeling
  • Which categories and brands they use

The results of the study are nationally projectable and provide the whole story of American consumers’ daily lives – not just the snapshot in time that planners, researchers, media owners and marketers are used to seeing.  Using data drawn from the same sample at the same time, we gain a broader view of the consumer. Subscribers to USA TouchPoints have the ability to understand the contexts in which consumers engage with a full range of different media, allowing them to structure campaigns and shape messaging accordingly.

By understanding the elements of where consumers are and what they are doing, it’s possible to:

  • Identify and leverage moments of receptivity
  • Increase marketing effectiveness
  • Improve ROI

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Media Behavior Institute and USA TouchPoints benefit from strong relationships within the advertising and research communities.  Learn more about our Strategic Partners.

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In addition to subscription based access to USA TouchPoints, we have a full team of analysts available to design and conduct Custom Research Projects.