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Meal-Prep, Moms and Media

The term “TV Dinners” entered the language long ago. But now that our media options, lifestyles and working patterns are so much more diverse than they were fifty years ago, so too is the relationship between meal-preparation and media consumption.

The chart above is part of an analysis of Moms conducted by Media Behavior Institute. Looking at Millennial Mom, GenX Mom and Boomer Mom we found that as far as the relationship between Meal-Preparation (throughout the day) and Media during weekdays there is much more than TV being used:

  • While Live TV is the largest single media presence during meal-prep, for all Moms, there is significant variance with an almost 20% difference in reach between Millennial and Boomer Moms.
  • The ubiquity of cell phones is demonstrated during meal-prep with a around 22% of both Millennial and GenX Moms using their cell phones to either talk or text during meal-prep – though only half as many Boomer Moms did the same.
  • Radio was consistent across all three groups at between 12-13%.
  • GenX Mom (the fabled Mommy Blogger?) uses email more during meal-prep with Millennial Mom showing the least use of email at this time. This may be compensated for by the fact that Millennial Mom is social networking more than other Moms, which perhaps provides her with another communications channel.
  • As with email, GenX Mom is the heaviest user of the internet, but more surprisingly, Millennial Mom is the heaviest user of print media during meal-prep – by a factor of 2.5 versus both other groups.

What this brief summary shows is how consideration of the use of media in relation to specific activities can reveal and quantify sometimes surprising opportunities to reach audiences – in this case Moms – at key moments of receptivity and relevance, but also that we should always look more deeply than simple labels such as “Mom” to get closer to understanding life-stage and other factors.

There is much more to be explored with USA TouchPoints in relation to the subject of meal-prep (and also meal consumption) and media use.

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