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Gathering the Data

Throughout the day respondents complete the USA TouchPoints™ survey using our iPhone App.  Those who already have an iPhone can download the App to their own phone. Respondents who don’t own an iPhone are sent one for the duration of the survey that is equipped with the USA TouchPoints survey and nothing else.

Our App has been designed to let respondents easily enter data in thirty-minute segments throughout their waking day.  Respondent performance is monitored in real time so we can issue reminders if necessary.

We do not see a drop-off in respondent cooperation over the of ten days. Cooperation and compliance are very steady.  The average entry takes about 90 seconds, and 96% of respondents report that the process was “extremely” or “fairly” easy.

The App covers the following aspects of daily life:



  • Where have respondents spent the past half hour – home, work, other’s home, restaurant/bar, car, shopping mall, grocery store, etc.


  • What have they been doing – work, socializing, eating, chores, personal care, shopping etc.

Social Setting

  • Who have they been with – alone, partner/spouse, children, friends, co-workers, strangers etc.


  • Have they been communicating, and if so how – face-to-face, email, cell phone talk, text, online chat, etc.


  • Which media have they been using – TV (live/recorded), Internet, mobile, radio, magazine, newspaper etc.


  • How have they been feeling – mood and a broad range of emotions is represented by emoticons representing everything from Happy and Confident to Sad and Angry.

In most categories there are additional drill down questions, like media genres or television networks.

An extension to our App in 2014 means that we will also be monitoring other Activities from the device passively, so we will understand in detail how they also use their mobile device, building up a true second screen behavior understanding of the panelists.